Fatura Export, Inc. – Marketing American Marine Products and Services in the Middle East and Africa.

Our mission is to connect experienced and high quality American providers of marine products and services with customers in the Middle East, Africa and Mediterranean Sea Region.

Mid-East Oil Vac Mobile Lube Equipment

Lube Trailer 

Lube Equipment 

The above Fire & Rescue Boat is 29ft x 13ft. We also can build 32ft x 13ft & 36ft x 13ft 
outboard Engine, We also build
(45ft x 15ft, 55ft x 17ft inboard Engine) with triple the pump power.

Louisville Fire & Rescue put their New Jefferson 29 Fire Cat to task calling on a houseboat fire on the Ohio River.

Louisville Fire and Rescue show off their new Fire Boat built by Jefferson

The Fatura Product Line  

               Fatura Fuel Tender                     
 Fatura Fuel Tender Plus                    Fatura Multi-Service Tender